Trailer of the Day: My Saga

Directed by Adam Harris and Terry King
Written by Adam Harris, Terry King and David Richardson
Starring Adam Harris, Jack Anakin Harris, Perry King, James Arnold Taylor, Vanessa Marshall, Bonnie Piesse, Erik Bauersfeld and Corey Dee Williams

My Saga follows the journey of Adam Harris, who several years ago was struck down with a brain tumour, and transformed something tragic into something positive.

With the love of his family and his passion for Star Wars, he overcame this adversity to be given a chance to live a dream with his son, Jack Anakin Harris. This father and son have now embarked on a journey together to explore the bonds between generations of fans, as they document and experience the build up to the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

My Saga is screening at this years Sci Fi Film Festival in Sydney where Marc Fennell, co-host of The Feed on SBS Viceland and presenter of ABC’s Download This Show podcast, will host a post-screening discussion with Adam Harris. A percentage of proceeds from this screening will support The Starlight Foundation.

Tickets and details here.

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