Check out this exclusive clip from paranormal comedy Cursed!

Post-production has began on a pilot episode for new paranormal comedy Cursed.

Written, directed and co-created by Connor Fairclough (Head Above Water) and produced by Tristan Barr (Watch the Sunset), filming of Cursed took place in Queensland last month.

Cursed is a horror-comedy series that will parody the clichés and techniques typically found in the horror genre, similar in style to Shawn of the Dead. Shot with the intention of an online release, Cursed will draw influence from horror films like The Conjuring and Evil Dead.

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Cursed follows Isaac (Kyle McCallion), who releases a curse on himself after fiddling with a Ouija Board one drunken night. Through each episode, he and his useless housemate, Ned (Omar Al Sobly) must deal with countless paranormal hauntings whilst managing their daily mundane lives.

“The show was born out of my anxiety when watching various horror movies and placing myself in scenes, begging the question, what would I do if faced with different entities of evil?” says Fairclough.

Screen Queensland has greenlit a smaller pilot episode after an initiative to develop a new comedy series for the online space or television.

Cursed stars Kyle McCallion, Omar Al-Sobky, Cleo Massey, Elliot Loney, Mitch Wanless, Neel Kolhatkar and Josh Wade. Special guests include George Sheppard, Greta Carew-Johns and Tristan Barr.

Check out the exclusive clip below and let us know what you think.

Charles is an egomaniacal real estate agent and “digital entrepreneur” whose constant attempt to prove his self worth and success to others in any given social interaction he may encounter. One of these encounters includes an open house inspection with new clients George (Lead singer from the band Sheppard) and Tammy to whom Charles overcompensates his lack of sales experience by one-upping every word out of his client’s mouth. We’ve all had the salesman who ruins the sales by being too push but Charles brings it to the next level. Could this character be the Gary Vee of the next generation?

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