Web Series Wednesday: Queen & Country Australia

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Written and Directed by Max Walker
Jesse Archer

LA based travel writer Jesse Archer uncovers true royalty in regional Australia, beginning in Casino, NSW – home of mysterious and elusive Beef Week Queens!

Article by Max Walker

Queen & Country Australia introduces Jesse Archer, LA travel writer and actor and love child of Graham Norton and Louis Theroux. Jesse takes us to Australia, a land with the most weird and wonderful festivals in the world – and Queens. Yes, Queens. Young women ‘fiercely’ competing in those festivals hoping to be crowned their hometown Queen. First stop, Casino, NSW. Home of the soon to be world famous Beef Week Festival and land of the Beef Week Queen.

We were inspired to create Queen & Country Australia as it provided a rare opportunity to tell a story about ‘my’ people. I grew up in Murwillumbah, not far from Casino – and I’ve never felt any show has ever really captured the people of this region as they should be. This was an opportunity to see Australia in a completely different and delightful light… through its Beef Week Queens. Yep.

Secondly, it was also a unique chance to profile young rural women and tell their stories. They are sadly under-represented on our screens and that’s a great shame. This was a chance to see the depth, resilience and tenderness these amazing women possess. Women are the backbone of rural and regional Australia – and that’s plain to see in Queen & Country Australia.

And finally, here was a perfect place to ‘launch’ LA travel writer and actor, Jesse Archer, who is genuinely a star in the making. Taking him to Casino to meet our Beef Week Queens blew his mind – and after a week all the potential Queens wanted him to be their gay husband! It was all we hoped for and then some.

You can watch the complete series of Queen & Country Australia here.

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