A new Pimped trailer has dropped ahead of the film’s world premiere

Ella Scott Lynch as Sarah in Pimped.

A new trailer has dropped for Pimped ahead of the film’s world premiere at Frightfest in the UK.

The debut feature from co-writer/director David Barker, Pimped stars Ella Scott Lynch (Love Child, Underbelly, The Code) and Benedict Samuel (Walking Dead, Gotham, The Beautiful Lie), and centres around a psychological and viscous battle between a women caught in a sick and twisted sexual game and the men that perpetrate the heinous crime.

“It’s a real privilege that the festival selected our film – a wonderful reward for every single person that helped make this possible. Plus, it looks like a killer line-up – we hope to represent the far-flung colonies well,” said Barker.

Pimped is produced by Playground Films, Barker’s production company, alongside Annie Kinnane.

Australian audiences will get to see the film when it’s released in cinemas in early 2019 through Bonsai Films.

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