Harrows Forest cast revealed – Taya Calder-Mason to direct (Exclusive)

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Jelena Milinkovic, Ezekiel Simat and Taya Calder-Mason will star in Harrows Forest.

by Matthew Eeles

Writer, director and producer Taya Calder-Mason has announced she will follow up her acclaimed short film Fight Like a Woman with a new thriller called Harrows Forest.

Harrows Forest follows a group of friends who set out to uncover the truth that lies within the woods of Harrows Forest.

“I’m slightly obsessed with a number of haunted forests around the globe, specifically in Japan,” Calder-Mason told Cinema Australia.

“I wanted to explore the concept in Australia, while also tapping into some very current themes and debates in society. The movement around women wanting to feel safe while walking home alone plays a massive role in this story.”

Harrows Forest’s antagonist is The Black Sledger, a man who died in the 1700’s who roams the woods looking to kill.

Jelena Milinkovic (Pulse, The Servants) Ezekiel Simat (Camp, Thicker Than Water), Drew Wilson (Crownies) and Calder-Mason (Beast No More) will star in the film.

“What I love about Ben is his moral compass. He’s a loyal dude who, while other people might run away from danger, is ready to run into it to save the people he loves,” Simat told Cinema Australia.

Drew Wilson’s character Jay is a bit of a loser, but hangs out with the cool kids according to the actor.

“Jay is full of contradictions,” Wilson said.

“He’s smart, but acts the fool. He’s a coward, but the first person to act when things start to escalate. This balancing act is enticing to me, especially in the horror genre. When Jay gets tested, he’s able to reveal what he’s really made of. He’s more than a loser.”

Harrows Forest will shoot near Maitland in New South Wales towards the end of August. Harrows Forest will be produced through Calder-Mason’s production company End Point Production in association with Lumia Visual.

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