Tasma Walton set for CinefestOZ jury duty

Tasma Walton. Photo IMDb.

CinefestOZ has revealed leading Australian actress Tasma Walton (Mystery Road) will be attending the 2018 CinefestOZ Film Festival and will join Sigrid Thornton on the Film Prize Jury, tasked with deciding the winner of the $100,000 Film Prize.

Western Australian-born Walton will also attend the festival as IndigifestOZ Retrospective guest.

Tasma Walton is acclaimed actress with an extensive repertoire: Cleverman, Looking for Grace and a Logie winning performance as Dash in Blue Heelers.

Her latest work on the acclaimed Mystery Road TV mini series has shown us again how powerful she is in front of the camera.

CinefestOZ runs from 22-26 August. Details and tickets here.

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