Sunday Shorts: In The Red

Karina Banno and Yure Covich on the set of In The Red. Photo by George Maher.

Directed by Karina Banno
Produced by Maree Seminovas, Harry Baxter, Jenna Butcher
Written by Karina Banno
Starring Yure Covich, Karina Banno

Nick has been consumed by gambling and he’ll do just about anything to maintain his lifestyle; until a plan goes wrong and forces him into the life of a stranger.

Article by Karina Banno

From the very beginning, the making of In The Red was a strange combination of challenging and rewarding. The scale of the script was bigger than anything I’d ever written before; darker characters and storylines, while also undertaking starring in a project that I had also written and would be directing. However, with overwhelming support from our crowd funding campaign, we surpassed our budget and were underway.

I had written the role of Nick for Yure Covich, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing personally and professionally now for the last five years. He’s an absolute legend (which everyone knows) and a mentor to me; so when he agreed to be apart of the film, I was blown away. The trust that he placed in me was unreal and I am forever grateful to have shared the screen with him, and having had directed a true artist such as he. In saying this, each and every actor who came on board were so generous and talented; I was so lucky and really had little to direct performance wise. I was fortunate enough to fill out the cast and crew with talented people who I’d worked with previously and they graciously trusted me and my vision, including our wonderful Director of Photography, Tim Nagle (Wyrmwood). Having Tim come on board was an incredible boost of confidence also, as his work is always exceptional and I knew his talent would shine throughout In The Red.

Due to location and cast/crew availability, filming was completed over two 3 day shoots during December 2015 and January 2016. We were lucky enough to film in some great locations; including my old high school (having many of the students from Fairvale High as background artists), as well as on an out of service bus (with thanks to one of our wonderful camera assistant’s, Ryan Williams).
We also faced some comprising weather that ranged from flood-worthy thunder storms, to a 45 degree heat wave… filming outdoors… with 10+ extras… way out west of Sydney (let’s just say my producers and I weren’t just sweating because of the weather..!) Nevertheless, we persevered, and were lucky enough not to have to compromise any of the story/performances; and I was truly blown away by everyone’s dedication to ensure nothing got in the way of making my vision a reality.

Yure Covich on the set of In The RedPhoto by George Maher.

The next challenge we faced was in post production; I was due to spend 12 months working over in the US from March 2016, and made sure to have a rough cut down before departing. Although, we ran into some issues with our original editor that put everything on hold until I returned back to Sydney in March 2017. While at the time I couldn’t see this as anything but a frustrating delay, it actually turned out to be the best possible outcome for the film’s final cut; 12 month away from the original cut ensured I was able to detach myself from how things had to be cut, according to the script. I literally asked George Maher (who was a godsend, and took over the edit) to throw out the original timeline and play around with it however he wanted. Being a stupidly talented dude, George came back to me with such interesting choices and took the film in a direction that I couldn’t have imagined. The framework was still there, but George and I moulded it into something stronger and more compelling, and I’m really proud of myself for being able to let go of what the film was and embrace all that it could be.

In The Red tested me creatively and in all honesty, sometimes it felt like an uphill battle. But looking back on the process of the film, I am honored to have had had the chance to work with each and every individual to tell this story. From my tireless producers, to the awesomely talented and kind bands ‘Tiber’ & ‘I’lls’, who provided the incredible music that shaped the whole film: Everyone – THANK YOU.

Currently, I’m in development on two television series with Izzy Stevens and my sister, Raechelle Banno, respectively; so celebrating In The Red being a part of Cinema Australia’s Sunday Shorts program has been incredibly humbling and I hope everyone enjoys the film.

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