Trailer of the Day: Kings of Baxter

Kings of Baxter

Directed by Jack Yabsley
Produced by Claire Yvonne Evans

Kings of Baxter follows juvenile justice detainees creating a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The film documents Bell Shakespeare’s landmark education programme in Frank Baxter Juvenile Detention Centre over three months of rehearsal, leading up to the final performance for friends, family and fellow inmates.

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Granted unprecedented access, the film documents life on the inside for these young men as well as the effects of this program and the emotional toll it takes on them as they work towards the performance in front of the entire centre.

The world of its residents is explored through fly-on-the wall footage and intimate interviews. The film offers an opportunity to sit with the boys in the lonely silences of the stark dorm rooms, witness the anxiety and the crises of self confidence, the idiosyncratic senses of humour, the machismo, the bullshit and the truths, as they are pushed to become vulnerable and exposed on stage.

Due to statutory laws regarding the identification of juvenile offenders, the full faces of the boys have been obscured and they have each chosen their own pseudonym: Cosi, Mullet, Hamilton, Fit. Through them, we will discover the realities of prison life, crime and rehabilitation.

Kings of Baxter is screening at this year’s Melbourne Documentary Film Festival. Details here. You can find out more about Kings of Baxter here.

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