First Look! A teaser trailer and poster have been revealed for Black Ghost

The first trailer has been revealed for Kat Goddard’s WA-shot crime drama, Black Ghost.

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Written by Sean Schliwa and Morgan Munro Black Ghost follows the life of an ex-commando living in a city that is controlled by ruthless criminals.

Black Ghost is a thug for hire, carrying out contracts for the highest bidder, even though he made himself a promise to stop killing.

After accepting a contract from the daughter of a prominent couple who have been murdered, Black Ghost must embark on a game of cat and mouse to find the killers and complete his contract. The question is, will he break his golden rule and kill to find the answers?

Black Ghost stars Sean Schliwa as the title character along with Tammie West, Tristan Balz, Ron Arthurs and Anthony Chila.

Black Ghost will have its premiere on Monday, 28 May and Luna Leederville in Perth. Details here.

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