Trailer of the Day: Daughter


Written and Directed by Sarah Jayne
Produced by Ivan Malekin
Starring Katherine Langford, Aisha Tara, Carolyn Rey, Julia Vogl and Senie Jaz Priti

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Daughter is an educational flm that explores the way women are viewed in society by following three different female characters on a Friday night out in St Kilda.

On this fateful night, after a series of separate events and experiences, the women’s lives become entwined and affected by an act of violence. The events of the night send shockwaves through the community, and the youngest of the women, Scarlett is left to ponder her actions and that of people around her.

The flm’s story was inspired by two real life murder cases in Melbourne, media reports about violence against women in Australia.

Director Sarah Jayne also drew on her own personal experiences as a woman growing up in a society where women are still victim blamed and judged on a daily basis.

Daughter is available to watch now via Amazon & Amazon Prime, Vimeo on Demand, Beama Film and ATOM . And you can see it in the cinema through Fan-Force.

Discover more: Facebook | Website | IMDb

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