Trailer of the Day: Chocolate Oyster

Aaron Glenane and Anna Lawrence in Chocolate Oyster.

Chocolate Oyster

Written and Directed by Steve Jaggi
Produced by Christine Luby
Starring Anna Lawrence, Rosie Lourde, Ryan Harrison, Aaron Glenane, Stephanie King, Tyler Atkins, Laura Bunting, Stephen Multari, Samuel Wilson, Kallista Kaval and Digby Webster

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Chocolate Oyster is an examination of the challenges facing two young women, Ellie (Anna Lawrence) and Taylor (Rosie Lourde), each running from responsibility as they pursue unobtainable lives promised them by pop-culture.

Living in Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs and armed with arts degrees neither Ellie nor Taylor are able to find employment in their prospective fields and are forced to work menial service jobs.

Through relationships with Henry (Ryan Harrison), a young playwright, and Craig (Aaron Glenane), a trainee chef, and chance encounters with Stephen Sewell and Ed Gibbs the girls come to learn that they may not be quite as talented and special as they had been led to believe.

Why we’re excited: Chocolate Oyster boasts an exciting lineup of young Australian actors including the criminally underrated Aaron Glenane (you all saw him in Killing Ground, right?). With super producer Steve Jaggi in the director’s chair and the incredibly talented Rhiannon Bannenberg on camera duties, what’s not to be excited about.

Chocolate Oyster will screen at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Details here.

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