Composer Ronnie Minder announces directing debut

by Matthew Eeles

Swiss-born, Australian based composer Ronnie Minder has announced he will direct his first short film, Attic.

Minder, who was eligible for an Oscar nomination for his The Legend of Ben Hall soundtrack, announced the horror film via his social media pages on the weekend.

“I’m currently finishing the script in between scoring films,” Minder told Cinema Australia. “It’s a lot of hard work as I’m currently scoring a new LA-based horror at the moment.”

The script for Attic is in the final stages of development but actor Joanne Dobbin (The Legend of Ben Hall) has already been cast in the film. Dobbin will play a loving mother who has lost her family because of her alcoholism. She tries her hardest to make things right as she is slowly consumed by her very own nightmares.

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“I’m excited to already have Joanne Dobbin on board,” said Minder. “I’ve had the pleasure of scoring The Legend of Ben Hall and therefore know her work and simply had to ask her. She’s very talented and I’m lucky she said yes.”

A big fan of the genre, Minder says horror films with tragedy at their core are the ones that sticks with him the most.

“I am a big fan of horror that uses drama as the main focus,” said Minder. “The mood of Attic will be like that and although only a short film, I plan to make it as intense as possible and will hopefully stay with people for a while after they’ve seen it.”

Minder is currently working on the music for Stephen Amis’ upcoming Sea Shepherd feature Defend, Conserve, Protect which is narrated by Dan Aykroyd. Filming on Attic will commence later in the year.

You can keep up to date with Attic here.

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