Trailer of the Day: Trench

Directed by Paul Anthony Nelson
Written and Produced by Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson
Starring Samantha Hill, Perri Cummings, Dave Lamb, Scott Major, Lulu McClatchy, Guy Davis, Simon Godfrey, Leighton Phair and Cate Wolfe

Reclusive writer Becky Holt (Perri Cummings) is being stalked in her own home. Struggling comedian Samantha “Sam” Slade (Samantha Hill) is being evicted from hers. When Sam decides to play detective for cash, these two oddballs are thrown together to crack the case… if they don’t get themselves killed first.

Trench will screen at Lido Cinemas on Thursday, May 17. This screening will include a Q&A with key cast, Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson. Details here. The team are encouraging all devoted indie film lovers to don the trench and fedora.

ADVERTISEMENT – Click for Details.

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ADVERTISEMENT – Click for details.

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