Trailer of the Day: Strange Colours

Kate Cheel in Strange Colours.

Directed by Alena Lodkina
Written by Alena Lodkina and Isaac Wall
Starring Kate Cheel, Justin Courtin and Daniel P. Jones

Milena travels to a remote opal mining community to see her estranged, ill father. Lost and alone, she falls into his bewildering world, where men escape society and share ideals of freedom.

Melbourne-based filmmaker Alena Lodkina delivers an astonishingly sophisticated debut with Strange Colours, premiering to acclaim at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. The film plays like an inverted response to Wake In Fright, turning that film’s menancing vision of outback Australia into a beautiful, humanist reflection on mateship in isolated communities.

Strange Colours will have its Australian premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Friday, 27 April which will include a Q&A with writer/director Alena Lodkina. Details here.

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