Have You Seen The Listers? opens nationally in April – Here’s where you can see it

Anthony Lister.

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Have You Seen The Listers? is a candid and personal insight into the rise of world-renowned street artist Anthony Lister as he challenges conservative Australia, whilst battling his own demons.

Lister will have you gasping for air as he rises up the ranks from street artist to celebrated contemporary artist in the complex world of fine art. While the complexities of hype, fame and contradictions of the art world are present, at its heart this is a story about family and fatherhood. We witness the birth and breakdown of a family unit, juxtaposed with the rise of a star.



See below for cinema listings:

NSW: Palace Central, Dendy Newtown

ACT: Palace Electric

VIC: Kino Cinemas, Cinema Nova

SA: Palace Nova EastEnd

QLD: Palace Centro

WA: Luna Leederville

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