Web Series Wednesday: No Pink Cowboys

Directed/Written by Jonathon Gittus
Co-Created/Produced by Fabiana Weiner
Starring Fabiana Weiner & Jackson Tozer
Digital Platform YouTube

No Pink Cowboys follows ex-fling-turned-best-friend duo Sam (Jackson Tozer) and Annabelle (Fabiana Weiner) as they search for love and fulfillment in all the wrong places. This comedy breathes in the awkward moments of the modern dating world, picking up the pace as it develops. Give this series a chance beyond the first episode! It’s well worth the wait.


Article by Fabiana Weiner

Seriously, if there is one way to feel good about your sex and dating life, watch someone else make a meal of theirs. It’s so satisfying watching someone else have an awkward date, disappointing sex or quit their job. Let’s face it, no one wants to feel like a loser and no one wants to accidentally have sex with their house mate who used to be their boyfriend! Welcome to the world of COWBOYS!

Sam and Annabelle started dating a few years back, Annabelle broke up with Sam, Sam starting dating another girl, they had a baby called Hannah. When Sam and Hannah’s mum broke up, conveniently Annabelle needed a place to live so she moved in with Sam and Sam’s ex moved out – the perfect recipe for disaster. What we love about Sam and Annabelle however, is their chemistry and friendship, they truly love hanging out and never refuse each other a midweek bender. Annabelle has also been around for the start of Hannah’s life, helping out where she can and watching her grow up, another unshakable bond the two share. As the first part of the series focuses on the fun and messiness of their relationship and dating lives outside the home, the series takes a more serious turn towards the end as things once again, get complicated between the two. Without spoiling the end of what’s already a bite-size series, it’s safe to say that dating is hard when you’re already in a relationship.

We can’t take all the credit for the creation and writing however. Amongst our cast were some actors who know how to riff on a line or two. The “YOSHI” sequence heading the second episode and the carry on “Do you like Nintendo?” reference at the end of the episode was an improvisation by Jackson Tozer (The Ex-PM) who delivered improvisatory gold throughout the rehearsal and the shoot. It helped that Jackson and I had gotten to know each other working on the film Lazybones prior to this project where we also played best friends. Improvisation was the great joy of this process and was aided by the script being specific, tight and well timed.

Jonathon Gittus and I worked for six months on the script, back and forwarding about what we were finding funny and what wasn’t working. We would get together or chat over the phone and brainstorm, then he would go away and write the script. Often we had opposing opinions about what we found funny but we were quick to shut each other down and denounce the inevitable clichés. It’s important to work with someone who won’t pussy foot around the fact that the hilarious idea you just came up with isn’t funny.

For a small self-funded series, we received great support from the actors who brought enthusiasm and humor to their roles; Jackson Tozer, Stephanie Lillis, Faye Hollander, Stephen Degenaro, Lochie Laffin Vines, Andy Rhodes, Sanjay Parbat, Stanley Roach, Marie Werret, Leticia Monaghan, Josh Futcher, Harlene Hercules, Dan Purdey and all the extras. Jason Swifte (Editor), Gerard Mack (Sound Designer), Lewis Gittus (Composer) all went above and beyond in their roles. Special thanks to those who have sincerely supported the process throughout Paul Arena (TBWA), Julia Adams (Shiff & Co) and Anthony Britten (Playmaker Digital) and of course our families for dealing with the ongoing neurosis one needs to do something as silly as creating a series on a micro budget.

For me personally, this has been, what I hope is the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey in the world of content creation. We’re in the midst of a revolutionary shift not only in the way we consume content, but in the content we create and the voices that are coming out. We’re entering a time of young, pregnant female Prime Ministers and Lawmakers, and professional athletes revealing their sexuality in traditionally conservative environments that yet are changing around us. There’s a lot to say and many stories to tell.

Currently I’m working on my first feature film that I’ve co-created with writer Tom Pitts. It’s a bold crime-drama called Riverland that has been co-developed, and will be directed and shot by award winning director Christopher Tovo. This is a really exciting project looking primarily at our attitudes to violence against women. It’s a demanding concept and process of scriptwriting that we embarked on in January 2017. It has already produced new challenges and I hope it produces new rewards for me and whoever I’m involved with in the movie.

No Pink Cowboys holds a trophy for Best Web Series at the Made in Melbourne Film Festival, was a finalist at the Australian Online Video Awards and featured in the Spotlight Section of the 2017 Melbourne Web Fest. Alongside its domestic success, the series has been an official selection at seven international film and web festivals including Miami Web Fest, UK Web Fest held at London’s Soho House and recently won an award for ‘Best Dramedy’ at the Asia Web Awards.

You can watch the full season of No Pink Cowboys here.




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