Flickerfest 2018 national tour comes to Perth


Flickerfest 2018 27th International Short Film Festival! National Tour: January – May 2018


Celebrating 27 years in 2018 Flickerfest remains Australia’s leading Academy® Accredited and BAFTA recognised short film festival, ensuring that we continue to present A-list short film programmes recognised amongst the best in the world. Flickerfest is excited to be bringing the National Tour to Perth at the Camelot Outdoor Cinema, showcasing the Best of Australian Shorts programme on the 1st of March at 8pm, the Best Of EU Shorts on the 2nd of March at 8pm, the Best of International Shorts on the 3rd of March at 8pm and last but not least, the Short Laughs Comedy programme on Sunday the 4th of March at 8pm. Each session will also include a locally made Western Australian film so that local audiences can appreciate the talents of their local filmmaking community!

Let’s See How Fast.

Highlights from the Best of Australian Shorts on the 1st of March include the beautifully crafted and creative Australian animation Lost Property Office about Ed its sole inhabitant who in many ways is as lost as the items themselves, and was short-listed for an Academy® Award. The dramatic and inspiring Miro, an Aboriginal Western short film starring Mark Coles Smith; and the delightfully quirky and creatively animated Martha The Monster, starring the voices of actress Rose Byrne and her husband Bobby Cannavale. From local producer Eva Di Blasio comes Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go, starring Liv Hewson (Top Of The Lake) and Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom); set in 1996 when young Gloria Harrison’s life is out of control, she is 17, pregnant and in labour and decides the best way to get to the hospital is to buy a new car.

Mrs McCutcheon.

On the following evening the 2nd of March, the Best of EU shorts programme features amazing award winning shorts including the moving and insightful Academy® Award nominated All Of Us (Watu Wote) from Germany based on a true story that sees Christian and Muslim bus passengers in Kenya join forces during an attack by extremist group the Al Shabaab, and the delightfully kooky Wave out of Ireland from Academy® Award winning director Benjamin Cleary in which a man wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognisable language. Added to the line-up is the delightful Perth made documentary Deighties, an inspiring, heart-warming look at online dating for the not so young – but young at heart! The Best of EU Shorts programme is supported by the EU Delegation to Australia.

Flickerfest is thrilled to present its Best Of International Shorts programme on the 3rd of March, a selection of film gems from our Academy® Accredited and BAFTA recognised Sydney competition. Opening the evening’s screening is the WA produced Blight, set in the early 20th century on Australia’s western frontier, as a police Constable hunts down a band of dangerous Criminals aided by a young, female Aboriginal Tracker. Highlights from the programme also include: the moving and insightful Academy Award nominated DeKalb Elementary, inspired by a 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia and the hilarious An Imagined Conversation With Kanye West And Stephen Hawking from Canada in which over a Chinese food picnic at the beach Stephen Hawking and Kanye West discuss dance moves, Drake and the art of divination.


Enjoy an evening of clever comedy & chortle you way through a selection of off-kilter funny shorts from Australia and across the world with the Short Laughs Comedy programme on the 4th of March. Kicking off the evening is the delightful coming-of-age story Mrs McCutcheon, written by Western Australian Writer/Director Ben Young (Hounds Of Love) and directed by John Sheedy about 10-year-old Tom chooses the name Mrs McCutcheon rather than the name he was given at birth. Other highlights also include the hilarious Fern from the UK about a woman who loses her husband and finds a potted plant; home grown comedy Your Call is Important To Us, starring funny-man Andy Lee that confirms our worst fears about call centres when were asked please hold.

Don’t miss out on Flickerfest 2018 when it arrives in Perth at Camelot Outdoor Cinema!

WHAT: Flickerfest 2018 – Best of Australian Shorts, Best of EU Shorts, Best of International 1, Short Laughs Comedy
WHERE: Camelot Outdoor Cinema
PRICE: $19.50/15.50/14.50 (private members)
WHEN: Thursday 1st March 8pm, Friday 2nd March 8pm, Saturday 3rd March 8pm, Sunday 4th March 8pm
TICKETS & INFO: http://www.camelot.lunapalace.com.au (08) 93863554
TOUR INFO: www.flickerfest.com.au/tour


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