Mumblecore dramedy So Long will have its world premiere in Melbourne next month

by Matthew Eeles

2017 saw the rise of the Australian mumblecore movement with Zelos, Two People, Frisky and Pretty Good Friends hitting the indie film scene like a morning coffee to the face.

None impressed us more than Michael Jones’ Lazybones – an honest, observational look at life for a twenty-something Melburnian (Jackson Tozer) who’s struggling to get a grip on life.

Co-written by Jones and his producing partner Caitlin Farrugia, Lazybones left such a mark that we’ve been anticipating the duo’s next collaboration ever since.

Thankfully, they’ve just delivered the goods with their new film, So Long, a comedy/drama which sees both Farrugia and Jones sharing directing duties.

There’s no trailer yet and only a few images have dropped online, but those keen to catch an early look will have the chance at next month’s Melbourne Queer Film Festival where So Long will have its world premiere.

Tickets for this screening are officially on sale tomorrow, so here’s the spiel to encourage you to get along…

Lesbian mumblecore drama So Long follows two women as they grapple with their post-breakup lives. Kicking off at the point of relationship meltdown, we follow 20-somethings Emily (Kimberley Lisle) and Ray (Eva Seymour) as they traverse the uncomfortable world of the newly single. From weird new housemates to a disastrous one-night stand, terrible jobs and creepier dudes, filmmakers Caitlin Farrugia and Michael Jones utilise naturalism and improvisation to explore a relatable slice of life. Shot in Melbourne, this study of fresh singledom captures the grinding pain and quiet triumph of rediscovering who you are outside of a relationship.

Details about the film’s world premiere can be found here. You can keep up to date with So Long by keeping an eye on or via the film’s Facebook page.

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