Have you seen the Have You Seen The Listers? trailer?

The newly released trailer for upcoming documentary Have You Seen The Listers? paints an intimate portrait of celebrated Australian artist Anthony Lister, ahead of its national release in cinemas on April 5, 2018.

Lister will have you gasping for air as he rises up the ranks from street artist to world-renowned contemporary artist in the complex world of fine art. While the complexities of hype, fame and contradictions of the art world are present, at its heart this is a story about family and fatherhood. We witness the birth and breakdown of a family unit, juxtaposed with the rise of a star.

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In this newly released trailer, viewers meet Anthony as a young artist and new father in Brisbane, and travel with him around the world as he gains international recognition – balancing family responsibility with an insatiable creative drive.

Have You Seen The Listers? will release in cinemas nationally on April 5, 2018 with special event screenings prior to release. 

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