Trailer of the Day: Silent Man

Silent Man

Written and Directed by Joseph Russell
Produced by Chloe Stannard
Starring George Iskander, Michael Shanahan, Clare Pickering, Adam La Rosa, Lloyd Bissell, Alexis Watt, Tim Constantine, Sam Ludeman, Karla Hillam and Thomas Petrakos

A masked crusader has the city on high alert. The mute but ruthless Silent Man communicates using his signature yellow calling cards and is working his way through a list of crooked officials. When he is identified as an escaped asylum seeker on a mission to find his missing daughter, the government scrambles to spin the story into a terrorist plot and divert attention from their immigration detention program. The controversial ‘New Life’ program has succeeded at getting children out of detention but The Silent Man is convinced there is more to it than meets the eye. He is also a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic with delusion disorder and it soon becomes apparent that his daughter and the government conspiracy he is trying to expose may all be a figment of his imagination.

Silent Man is a 20 minute neo-noir sci-fi thriller which follows a silent masked crusader in search of his daughter after she disappears from immigration detention. Silent Man explores the concept of seeking truth in a secretive, authoritarian system. It tackles the lack of empathy towards refugees by western governments and is a brutal reminder that there are two sides to every story, even when one side has no voice.

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