Sunday Shorts: Living With Kanye

Living With Kanye

Article by Adrian Prospero (Writer/Director)

The idea behind Living With Kanye was born on the last evening in August 2015. The MTV Video Music Awards was blasting from the television and Taylor Swift took the stage to introduce the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

“And the award goes to … Kanye West”.

The award winner then spoke for over ten minutes before declaring ‘I have decided in 2020 to run for President’.

We found it interesting that majority of people were happy to accept such an outrageous claim. Was it because Kanye West constantly speaks with unfiltered dialogue or has the level for absurd lowered to become the norm?

Then the elevator pitch hit: What would happen if someone who wasn’t Kanye, said what he said?

What if an elderly Australian man did? What would people think? What effect would it have on his family? His work? His mental condition?

Early on, we knew that presenting the film in a mockumentary was the best way to create an authentic feel for the audience.

At its core the film is about family. We decided to tell the story through the eyes of his two children which gives the audience two perspectives of the same situation. Once we had this core structure we wanted to contain this ridiculous situation within a grounded and realistic world so as to highlight the absurdity.

The humour is a little off-kilter but we hope everyone enjoys Living With Kanye just as much as we enjoyed making.

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