Web Series Wednesday: Can’t Win. Do Try.

Great news which may come as a surprise to some.

Article by JJ DeCeglie

Hey there all you Can’t Win. Do Try’ers!

Writer/director JJ DeCeglie here with some extra cool news.

We’ve come to the end of our Festival and independent cinema run. We closed out our Indie cinema screenings in Perth and Melbourne awhile back. We played at places like CinefestOz, the Madrid International and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (where we picked up Best Actor and Best Director awards). It was fun while it lasted, it always is, there’s nothing better than sharing the film with a live cinema audience and then talking about it over a drink or two with those people afterward. It’s why you make movies.

So there’s a few different cuts of the film, a 120 minute festival cut, which is one that most people have seen if they’ve caught the picture, we also have a 100 minute cut, we lose some character stuff and some jokes there, some people dig that one, some people don’t…and then we have what’s exciting us right now – the Series Cut.

The Series Cut is a 16 episode version of the film, which we’ll be sharing via Youtube starting this Wednesday 17th Janaury, it kicks off with two episodes, the first is a Prologue, which is 90% unseen footage, a nice entrée where you get to meet Gordon, our unsuspecting hero, and then you can jump straight into episode one, the first dish in the main course of the show.

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This is something we’ve been working on for months, and talking about doing for even longer. The series is mix of the 120 and 100 min versions of the film, some episodes are completely new edits and some contain more unseen footage. We’ll be releasing an episode a week after this initial release…and if things really kick off perhaps some brand spanking new material too.

Of course we need all you Can’t Win. Do Try’ers (whether you’ve been blooded already or are a soon to be inductee) to do the usual and share and like and spread it around in all the usual places, subscribing to our Sudden Departures YouTube channel to get new episodes direct would be terrific too.

I gotta mention all the fantastic music we have in the film, mostly great local Perth bands (also a great UK one), if you dig any of the tracks in the any of the eps there will be a link underneath to buy or listen to them…I suggest you buy, and get those good tunes on your summer playlist.

You can colour us stoked about it all, we figure this is the best way to share the work with everyone; it’s free, you can watch whenever and however you please, at your own pace, anywhere in the world. May your laughs come hard and fast.

And remember to always ask yourself: What Would O’Hara Do? (WWOD)

Follow the series here.

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