Sunday Shorts: A Night at Marty King’s

Phillip Cantwell in A Night at Marty King’s.

Written and Directed by Adrian Masiello
Produced by Lucy M Scott
Starring Shaun Phillip Cantwell, Sontaan Hopson, Rory Pie, Leon Kowalski and Raif Colbert-Smith, Sam Chambers, Andrew Kirby

Marty King is a Sydney bar owner struggling to operate under the lockout laws while being strong-armed by the mob, but luckily he’s got a secret cocktail recipe that might turn it all around, if only he can figure out the missing ingredient…

Sontaan Hopson and Shaun Phillip Cantwell.

Article by Adrian Masiello

The intention of A Night At Marty King’s was to highlight the impact of the lockout laws on Sydney night life from a business owner’s perspective, with a healthy dollop of silliness to make the pill go down a little easier.

I believe humour allows for catharsis of people’s very real frustrations and that it can hopefully act as a catalyst for change. Perhaps that’s a grand aspiration for a silly short, but at the very least it keeps the conversation going and lightens the mood for everyone involved.

Phillip Cantwell.

Early on in the process, we decided to just shoot for the moon with the level of absurdity in the film and the semi-surreal atmosphere is the result of that. We wanted it to feel as though nothing was sacred and everyone and everything was painted with a target for a gag, including ourselves.

We filmed the entire short in one day due to location restrictions which was very challenging, but with it being a real bar and the comedy style loose and improvisational, we got it done and had a lot of laughs along the way.

Stay tuned till after the credits for an appearance from the man originally responsible for the lockouts himself…

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