In Focus: A Beautiful Request (Exclusive)

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Anyway… Enjoy!

A Beautiful Request

Produced and Directed by Robert Chuter
Written by Alex Broun adapted for his original stage play
Co-Produced by Jason Hooker
Associate Producer Marie-Claire Loizou
Cinematography by Rudi Siira
Starring Guillym Davenport, Phoebe Jakober, Lee Mason, Felice Vaiani, Frederique Fouche, Richard Aspel, Ryan Bown, Michael Maxwell Loder, Timothy Quabba, BaileyWilliams,  Poras Beniwal, Marie-Claire Anastasia and Josie Wadelton.

“Sleep on and dream of love, because it’s the closest you will get to love…”

William’s always been out of step with life. Burdened by a quarter-life crisis and middle-class ennui, his only relief is found in extended binges of The Smiths and Morrissey with his only friend, famous playwright Rick. When William soon findslove in the mysterious Salome, his relationship with Rick is tested and William is faced with a life-changing request.

What director Robert Chuter told Cinema Australia…

“After directing four seasons of the original stage play around Australia, writer Alex Broun and I agreed to bring the story to the screen with a lot more life, a lot more vitality employing a Euro-style of filming and much cast improvisation.

We wanted to gently push the boundaries, stretch the edges a little and come up with something vaguely interesting. Most of the framing is painting-like which our DOP, Rudi Siira and I developed together.

Siira’s atmospheric lighting and unfettered close-ups create an emotive and moving film – very moody with minimal camera moves. It’s a lush, beautiful but simple story about facing life-changing decisions. It has been a tumultuous and fulfilling experience, in particular for the actors and myself. I had an intense, great feeling for the characters in this story, and for the situations.

Some of the characters, based on real-life people, are drawn from Broun’s adolescent years as an avid Morrissey and The Smiths obsessive so it was wonderful to draw on and recreate those events.”

Lee Mason.

Guillym Davenport.

Phoebe Jakober.

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