Sunday Shorts: In My Mind

Shot entirely on an iPhone 6, In My Mind follows a woman who is plagued by her overactive imagination.

Written by Melissa Brattoni (Director)

In My Mind premiered at this years SmartFone Flick Fest as a Top Ten Finalist and is my second smartphone short filmed in Sydney, written and directed by myself in collaboration with my partner Michael Koorey. It has also picked up Monthly Category Winner at the Berlin Flash Film Festival (Super Short Smartphone) and a Best Actress Nomination at The Alternative Film Festival.

In My Mind follows an evening of horror movie watching with Mara, played by myself, who becomes interrupted by her name being called. She decides to investigate. As she makes her way to the source, in the bathroom, (which is explained to be her safe haven) she becomes plagued by her overactive imagination while navigating her way through the dark house alone.

In My Mind is loosely based on a childhood experience of mine. After watching horror films at a young age, I would then proceed to go back to my room and have a fear for all that wasn’t there. I would imagine all sorts of terrifying things lurking in the darkness waiting for me to come closer to them, but of course they never revealed themselves. It was all in my mind.

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