Web Series Wednesday: Method

Jerome Velinsky and Tawni Bryant


Directed by Jerome Velinsky & Tawni Bryant
Written by Jerome Velinsky
Starring Jerome Velinsky, Tawni Bryant, Kaarin Fairfax, Petra Kalive, Jasper Bagg, Sarah Roberts, Frank Magree & Don Bridges

Article by Tawni Bryant

Method was born from Jerome and I sharing stories of somewhat tragic auditions we had experienced over the last 10 or so years as actors in the industry. We both were in stitches with laughter and said, “These stories need to be told” and from that, Method was born.

There were so many interesting experiences in the making of this series; one that comes to mind was when we were running on no sleep and the night before our biggest shoot day, we had to reschedule the entire day due to Melbourne’s weather.

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I remember getting the news, I was in my bra and undies and I just broke down laying in the foetal position on the couch. I can look back and laugh at it now, but because Jerome and I took on so many roles in this project (lead actors, directors and producers), sometimes a good bra and undies cry definitely helps to move on.

You already have to be so resilient as an actor and just ready to roll with the punches and knock backs, but when you’re making your own series (with no money), you learn about a whole new level of resilience. Our mantra throughout this whole series was “We are just going to make it work”, and that is truly how we got this series made.

We had an awesome cast and crew! Good vibes always on set (and I truly mean that). Everyone really rallied together and worked extremely hard, even when we went well overtime.

You can watch Method here www.methodseries.com. In early 2018 you will be able to watch Method on 9GO & NineNow. 

Want this space? cinemaaustralia@gmail.com

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