Trailer of the Day: Innocent Killer

Innocent Killer

Directed by Jon-Claire Lee
Written by Jon-Claire Lee, Asif Khan and Nesrine Joseph
Produced by Asif Khan, Jon-Claire Lee
Starring Asif Khan, Lucy Quill, Agustin Lamas, David Brumby, Martin Curtis, Jenny Zhang, Casey-Ann Wainer, Veena Sudarshan, Daniel Sassen, Lana Nesnas, Chris Drake, Annette Labriola, Kelsey Hamill, Marie Kamara, Josie Lamb, Ashwina Lohith and Martin Shaynd

In the tradition of great classic serial killer films such as American Psycho and Zodiac, the thriller Innocent Killer promises mystery, excitement and, of course, the ultimate battle between good and evil. A modern city is hit with a string of continuing inexplicable murders of seemingly random women from different cultural and social-economic backgrounds.

The audience journeys with the murderer as he carries out his deadly deeds. We also follow the dedicated police force which will not let go of every possible lead. What happens when the murderer meets the last standing policewoman on his trail will leave audiences in shock! 

Innocent Killer will have a limited release across Australia from December 2. Details here.

Want this space?

Want this space?

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