Trailer of the Day: Tarnation

With the recent announcement that demonic cabin-in-the-woods-adventure film Tarnation will have its world premiere at this year’s Monster Fest, we thought it was the perfect time to share the film’s trailer.

When Oscar’s dreams of becoming a rock star are brutally crushed and her boyfriend leaves, taking the cat with him, Oscar is forced to take a long hard look at herself. Oscar travels to a ghost town called Tarnation where she and a group of friends have rented a cabin in the woods for a weekend away. Unfortunately the cabin is host to a cursed painting and the surrounding woods are literally, Satan’s playground. Oscar soon finds herself battling a demon unicorn, possessed souls and Satan himself in an epic battle for her soul.

Tarnation is the fourth DIY genre feature directed by Daniel Armstrong and produced by Melbourne’s Strongman Pictures Entertainment. Previous films include the international cult hit roller derby slasher Murderdrome, the wrestle-ploitation action flick From Parts Unknown, and the multi-award winning sci-fi action rampage Sheborg Massacre.

Tarnation stars award winning actress Daisy Masterman (Sheborg Massacre) in the lead role of Oscar. Emma Louise-Wilson (From Parts Unknown) appears as Wheels, Danae Swinburne (Catsick Blues) plays Rain. Blake Waldron, Joshua Diaz, Sean McIntyre, and Mitchel Brotz round out the rest of the main cast. Melbourne sleaze-punk rock stars The Mercy Kills also appear in the film, and wrote and performed the title track, with Daisy Masterman taking the mic as guest vocalist.

Tarnation will have its world premiere screening at the Lido Cinema in Melbourne on November 24th, at 9:30pm as part of Monsterfest 2017. Tickets can be purchased here

For more information about Monsterfest visit
For more information about Strongman Pictures Entertainment visit

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