Namatjira Project is in select cinemas now. Here’s where you can see one of the most important documentaries of the year

Can justice be restored to the Namatjira family?

From the remote Australian desert to the opulence of Buckingham Palace – this is the iconic story of the Namatjira family, tracing their quest to regain the copyright to their grandfather’s artwork.

Albert Namatjira was the first Indigenous person to be made a citizen by the Australian Government.

The founder of the Indigenous art movement in Australia, he was exhibited globally, and introduced to Queen Elizabeth.

However, Namatjira was caught between cultures – paraded as a great Australian, and at the same time treated with contempt.

He was wrongfully imprisoned and in 1959 he died a broken man. In 1983 the Government sold his copyright to an art dealer.

Today his family fight for survival, justice and to regain their grandfather’s copyright.

This is one of Australia’s most potent stories – illuminating the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians today.

Cinema Nova, Melbourne – including special Q&A screening 5th Sept
The Kino, Melbourne
Cameo Cinema
Classic Cinema

Chauvel Cinema, Sydney – including special Q&A screening 6th Sept
The Kinema, Narooma

New Farm Cinemas, Brisbane – including special Q&A screening 7th Sept
Palace Centro, Brisbane

Alice Springs Cinema – including special Q&A screening 14th Sept

Palace Electric, Canberra – including special Q&A screening 12th Sept

The State Cinema, Hobart – special Q&A Screening 16th Sept

More cinemas are set to be announced. Further details can be found here.

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