Rough Stuff’s Buzz is Australia’s answer to Han Solo

Hanging out for the new Han Solo film?

He’s already here, covered in good-old Aussie dirt and dust according to Rough Stuff director Jonathan Adams.

“Buzz is to Han Solo what Solo was to the Lone Ranger and The Man with No Name,” Adams told Cinema Australia following the recent home release of Rough Stuff – an Aussie adventure film released earlier in the year to rave reviews from critics and audiences.

“He’s a throwback and a homage to the smart-mouthed, ostensibly self-serving rogue with a secret heart of gold.”

Buzz is the lead character in Rough Stuff played by the very talented up-and-comer Gareth Rickards (Secret City, Wonderland).

With its rowdy off-road action and irreverent humour, Rough Stuff has been hailed as an “instant cult classic” with “something for everyone”. But for director Jonathan Adams, it started as a way to fulfil a fanboy dream.

“My dirty little secret is – this was always my excuse for my Han Solo movie. For years, Star Wars fandom was crying out for that showdown between Han Solo and Boba Fett.  And the spark that got me excited about Rough Stuff, and what it could be, was when I thought “Hey! What if we do basically Han Solo in a 4WD?  How about instead of careening around in a galaxy far, far away, we bring a kind of Han Solo archetype (literally) down to Earth and create a new mythology. This was five years ago – back then, there was no talk whatsoever of there being another big Star Wars movie, much less a Han Solo movie.”

Rough Stuff is out now on Blu-ray, DVD, iTunes, Google play and Vimeo OnDemand.




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