Trailer of the Day: LoveStuck


Directed and Produced by Murray Fahey
Starring Rik Brown, Rama Nicholas, Patti Stiles, Cathy Hegarty, Nigel Sutton, Ewan Campbell, Lyn Pierse, Glenn Hall and Gabby Millgate

Who do you choose: the girlfriend, the best friend, or the ex-girlfriend?

LoveStuck is a full-length feature film starring award winning comedians and Theatresports impro stars. It’s a 100% improvised feature film, the story, the characters and the dialogue completely on the fly…because life isn’t scripted!

Falling in love is easy, getting out of it is hard. Our hero, Josh finds himself ‘LoveStuck’ between his best friend, his ex-girlfriend and the new girl he is about to move in with. As a lowly clerk working with the public service in Canberra, Josh is used to procrastination, but his fear of con*ict and knack for stretching the truth gets him into trouble with the four women that he loves.

Directed and produced by veteran film-maker and performer Murray Fahey (Dags, Encounters, Cubbyhouse), LoveStuck features a cast of the top improvising performers in Australia including Impro Melbourne’s Rik Brown, Patti Stiles, Rama Nicholas, Just Improvise’s Glenn Hall, Nigel Sutton from NDS Productions, Impro ACT’s Cathy Hagarty, Improcorp’s Lyn Pierse and Gabby Milgate (Muriel’s Wedding). Shot almost non-stop for seven days, with crews chasing the actors as their characters invented the narrative on the spot. What emerged was a sweet romantic comedy with plenty of surprises.

A truly silly comedy about trying to lose and find love in Canberra.

LoveStuck is screening nationally in United Cinemas from 24 August 2017. Details here.




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