Cameras set to roll on The Trebek Technique – Cast announced

Brydi Frances

Principle photography will begin this month of Elfenshot Films’ new short film, The Trebek Technique.

Writen and directed by Damian Harris (Diffraction, Narrators), The Trebek Technique is a 16-minute study into how using a perceived weakness to one’s advantage can bring its own set of new challenges.

Brydi Frances, a graduate from the 16th Street Actor’s Studio, will play the lead role of Gracie, who suffers trauma from a sports injury and must utilise any method possible to maintain her place in the world.

“It’s a fun script with some very interesting obstacles for Gracie to conquer along the way,” Frances said.

Katy Nethercote.

Katy Nethercote will have a supporting role along with Elizabeth O’Callaghan, Will Sutherland, Clare Pickering, David Hart, Udara David and Rob Hall.

“The talent coming out of 16th Street is obvious for all to see,” said Harris. “Brydi and Will are both graduates, and it’s made our casting for The Trebek Technique a real pleasure. Brydi and Katy really wowed us at the table read, and we’ve worked with Elizabeth and Will before. The strength of the cast for this one runs pretty deep.”

Principal photography will run for four days during August, capitalising on South-East Melbourne’s beautiful scenery. Post-production is scheduled for October and November, with an early-2018 release.

You can keep up to date with he film across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via the film’s website.

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