Sunday Shorts: No Hawaiian

Josh Buysen, Michael Langford, Ben Chisholm, John Reynolds, Mitchell O’Neil, Brock Anders.

Words by Ben Chisholm (Director)

The making of “No Hawaiian” came about after driving past the local pizzeria. I had the Simpsons song “You don’t win friends with salad” running through my head from the previous nights episode, but after seeing the store, I changed the lyrics to “You don’t put pineapple on pizza”.

This led to me thinking about the age old debate, “Does pineapple deserve a place on pizza or not?”. What would it be like if the actual pizzeria was against it and had it banned? What would the conversation between the pizza artist (eat that Subway) and customer sound like?

It was a great little short and I couldn’t have achieved it without the collaboration of all of the cast and crew who were involved.

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