The Revelation Film Festival 2017 program is here!

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival has announced its full 2017 program on a sunny winters day at Luna Leederville in Perth.

While there are some incredible international films screening at this year’s festival, Australian film lovers will be treated to 86 Australian films including features, documentaries and shorts.

Here are some of the highlights…

Twenty-something Ben (a perfectly pitched Jackson Tozer) seems to be just drifting through life. He spends his days hanging out with his friends and driving an Uber, and his nights performing stand-up comedy at clubs across the city. His daily life and haphazard dating routines informs his comedy, but he begins to wonder if there is more to life.
Top Knot Detective – Includes Q&A
When Japanese television series Ronin Suiri Tentai (Deductive Reasoning Ronin) was first broadcast in Australia as Top Knot Detectivein the ‘90s it rapidly became a cult hit with battling ninjas, monsters and so much more.Now directors McCann and Pearce tell the full story behind the show and the legendary Takashi Tawagoto.
Watch The Sunset – Includes Q&A

An incredibly powerful feature, set amongst a group of ice addicts and criminals.
Watch The Sunset tells the story of Danny (director Barr) an ex-con and his small – and rightly terrified – family, over one brutal afternoon. This is a visceral, tense, nervous thriller that unfolds in one shot, in real time.
While in lesser hands this would seem to be a mere device, in Watch The Sunset the pacing is absolutely essential to the film, and as events rapidly unfold it adds to the tight knot of tension in your stomach. This powerful intensity doesn’t let-up until the final credits have rolled and the film is one of the few that will truly have you on the edge of your seat. Watching the film is an emotionally raw, experience and the cast deliver some incredible intimate performances.
One of the most impressive Australian features of the last five years.

Baxter and Me
A fascinating, poignant, and engaging personal documentary from filmmaker Gillian (My Life Without Steve, Our Park) Leahy, Baxter And Me is a film about the director and her love of dogs. But more than this it is an autobiography told through dogs.

The Go Betweens: Right Here
The Go-Betweens are an Australian legend. Emerging from the conservative streets of Brisbane during the punk explosion of the seventies, the duo of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan rapidly defined their own unique musical sound. Joined by drummer Lindy Morrison the band became unstoppable.

It’s Not Just Me
It’s Not Just Me follows four young Australians as they embark on the process of transitioning from female to male. Under Jonathan Messer’s careful direction the subjects discuss their lives and experiences with an emphasis that is nuanced and considered.

Meal Tickets
You can almost feel the sticky carpet and smell the motel rooms in this most excellent longitudinal documentary about the ups, downs, ins and outs and roundabouts of life in a rock band.

Get Your Shorts On!
Always one of our most popular nights – and this year it’s our closing, Get Your Shorts On! is back with another fresh and exciting line up of short films guaranteed to delight audiences and showcase the talents of WA’s emerging filmmakers.

For the full program, plus a complete list of Australian films screening during the festival, visit

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