Nexus Production Group announces latest feature film

Nexus Production Group, the filmmakers behind Friends, Foes & Fireworks, has announced its next feature film, In Corpore – a new Australian Mumblecore film to be shot internationally.

In Corpore – a Latin word meaning ‘in body; in substance’will be a completely improvised feature film that explores love, sex, monogamy and infidelity. Set in Europe, Australia, and America, In Corpore tackles traditional relationships and the idea of breaking free of expectations, exploring what it means to give in to your body’s desires, with and without moral judgement.

In Corpore will be shot with a low budget mentality, staying somewhat true to the Mumblecore film genre, but again intentionally adding more drama to the genres traditional recipe,” said co-director Sarah Jayne.

“The production will be driven by raw performance and passion, rely on natural light where possible, which will allow the actors to in turn embody their characters in a setting that feels realistic. Shot hand held and fully improvised, even in camera,” Jayne continued.

The first section of the film kicks off filming in Melbourne mid June, over two days. From there NPG are making the move to Malta in August, where the second section will be shot with a small Maltese cast and crew. Amsterdam and New York locations will make up the tail end of the film, with the latter being the story which will bring closure to the first relationship, which began in Melbourne.

Clara Pagone, a St Kilda born actor, producer and writer will star as the lead in the film, Julie, and will be joined by a strong support cast of local talent including Don Bridges and Naomi Lisner who join the cast as Julia’s parent’s Tim and Anita.

You can keep up to date with the film here

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