Exclusive! Watch The Sunset will have its world premiere at Revelation Film Festival

Michael Gosden and Aaron Walton in Watch The Sunset.

Ahead of the program’s official announcement on June 10, Cinema Australia can reveal that Watch The Sunset will have its world premiere at this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival.

Co-directed by Tristan Barr and Michael Gosden, Watch The Sunset is the first Australian feature film to be shot in just one take.

The Australian crime drama follows ex-bikie Danny Biaro who is trying to reunite his broken family torn apart by Danny’s devastating drug addiction. Watch the Sunset dives head first into a world fueled by drugs, violence and a fight for redemption.

Zia Zantis-Vinycomb in Watch The Sunset.

“We’re very humbled and excited to premiere Watch the Sunset at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, being one of the best if not the top independent film events in Australia,” Barr told Cinema Australia.

“To be amongst the mix of edgy nonconformist films that have been showcased over the last 20 years, and an array of talented directors that have emerged from the festival, we are stoked to be given the platform,” Barr continued.

Motivated to shine a spotlight on Australia’s crystal meth epidemic and the drug’s impact on the country’s regional communities, Watch The Sunset is an intense collaborative effort and a true accomplishment for a small group of dedicated filmmakers including Barr (writer, director, producer and actor), Gosden (writer, producer, director and actor), Chelsea Zeller (writer and actor), and Damien Lipp (producer and director of photography). It also stars Zia Zantis-Vinycomb and Annabelle Williamson.

Chelsea Zeller and Annabelle Williamson in Watch The Sunset.

Guests from the film will take part in special Q&A screenings of Watch The Sunset during this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival in both Perth and Fremantle. Keep an eye on http://www.cinemaaustralia.com.au for further details.

You can keep up to date with Watch The Sunset via the film’s Facebook page here.





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