Trailer of the Day: Love Socks

Love Socks

Directed, written and produced by Shailla Quadra
Starring Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi, Shailla Quadra, Adam Williamson, Natalie Rose, Paul Armstrong, Olga Markovic, Rhys Gillmer, Khanh Trieu, Amber Gokken, Matthew R. Grego, Amanda Jane Porter, Samantha Beames, Joseph Famularo, Tia Malouhi

Love Socks is a heart-warming story about love, family, friends and bodily function anomalies!

It’s a romantic comedy that follows the story of Frederica. As a child she is diagnosed with a phenomenon known as Raynaud’s, which in her case means she will sneeze forever. Frederica discovers her only respite from this affliction is to wear socks to provide warm to her extremely cold feet. The film exposes the heartaches that ensue when she loses her socks and how her insecurities affect and jeopardize her relationships.

Ultimately, Love Socks is about letting go of our fears, those inner voices holding us back from opportunities and embracing life and happiness.

The celebrate love, family and… socks, Love Socks will be released on online just in time for Mother’s Day. Details here.

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