NFSA to celebrate The King

Next month, NSFA are celebrating Graham Kennedy, with a short season featuring some of his most memorable big screen roles.

Kennedy was Australian television’s first superstar – The King. But he was also a serious film actor and, according to TV writer Mike McColl-Jones, ‘it plagued Graham that he was characterised as a television clown, a TV funny man … he had more strings to his bow’.

Kennedy eased himself into a place on the big screen – playing himself in the 1966 film They’re a Weird Mob, but it was Bruce Beresford’s Don’s Party, from the David Williamson play, that allowed Kennedy to demonstrate depth as the deserted husband, his performance singled out by critics for praise. One of his most fondly remembered big screen roles came with Tom Jeffrey’s The Odd Angry Shot.

Don’s Party and The Odd Angry Shot are both screening as part of two double features on May 24 and 26!

You can see the full program and purchase tickets here.

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