Trailer of the Day: Alina


Written, Produced and Directed by Glenn Ellis
Starring Ally Auroram, Brooke Tomlinson, Glenn Ellis, Melody Rooks, Cris Cochrane, Noah Cochrane, Teagan Claiden, Leigh Ormsby, Daniel Reader, Giovanna Mecuri, Maria Tevelis

Interstellar space flight has finally allowed humanity to search for new worlds beyond the edges of our Solar System. After a chance discovery made by Dr. Carter Franson (Glenn Ellis) and Dr. Amelia Jones (Melody rooks) The morality of humanity is fiercely divided – what is it that we are truely hoping to find out there, and for what purpose? Meanwhile a unique species of natives on their home planet have their own plans with the galaxy. As the two civilisations collide on Alina, who will lay claim to this new world?

Alina is an original Sci Fi Fantasy piece written and directed by Glenn Ellis of Pandora Productions. With ambitions to send it on the awards circuit, Alina will be completed after a final shoot in April. A celebratory premiere is planned for sometime mid 2017.

You can follow the film via Pandora Productions’ Facebook page here.

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