Islands Apart to screen for one night only

Nathan Barillaro and Sophie Townsend in Islands Apart.

Director Tom Swinburn is set to release his debut feature film Islands Apart with a one-off cinema screening.

Swinburn, who has directed a handful of short films including A View From Below, is a cinematographer with independent production company Amalume Films who have enjoyed success with their last two indie releases Pretty Good Friends and Free of Thought.

Nathan Barillaro stars in the film alongside Sophie Townsend who plays an ambitious young filmmaker determined to document the Westernisation in a small Islamic fishing village while trying to navigate through the culture and her own identity crisis.

“It was created in typical Amalume style,” Townsend told Cinema Australia. “It was made with a cast and crew of just three people and shot with no budget during one month in Bali.

“To me, Islands Apart is a coming of age story about young ambition and the responsiblities of freedom,” Townsend continued. “Lucy is a restrained and complex character who takes risks in order to discover who she is as a person and an artist. It was a enjoyable challenge to portray a character who is both intune with her instincts but also aware of the emotional unrest that comes with unresolved relationships.”

Islands Apart will screen at Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn on Sunday, April 2 at 6pm. Tickets and details here.



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