Cameras set to roll on Choir Girl

Cameras are set to roll on John Fraser’s feature film debut, Choir Girl.

Shot in various locations around Melbourne the black and white arthouse feature film will star Peter Flaherty (The Legend of Ben Hall) as the film’s main character Eugene, Krista Vendy (Fat Pizza), Kim Valentine (Neighbours), Andy McPhee (Animal Kingdom) and Roger Ward (Mad Max).

Written and directed by Fraser and produced by Ivan Malekin and Lucinda Bruce, Choir Girl is a 90s set drama about a lonely photographer who becomes obsessed with a young girl trapped in the illegal sex trade by a powerful underworld criminal named Daddy.

Choir Girl is partly inspired by Taxi Driver, where we see a violent neighbourhood from the skewered perspective of the protagonist,” Fraser said.

After five short films and years of rejection from film festivals around the world Wormald is determined to get better with each film.

“All my shorts explore perceptions of reality through character studies, they have an object that they see the world through, signalling to the audience they’re watching a distortion,” Fraser continues.

“There are characters like Eugene and Josephine all over the world, the isolated, the forgotten. People for whom the line ‘no one gives a shit so no one gives a shit’ is sadly true. And people who are prepared to cross the line to say ‘I exist, I am here.’ The need for acceptance is universal and this story explores that in its most extreme form – people pushed too far. They lose, and must regain, their perspective,”

Cameras are set to roll on Choir Girl in April.

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