Trailer of the Day: Zach’s Ceremony

The award-winning film Zach’s Ceremony will open across Australia from Thursday 30 March.

Directed by Aaron Petersen and featuring Alec Doomadgee and his son Zachariah, Zach’s Ceremony is an extraordinary, feature-length documentary captured over ten years, that Variety stated: “Will promote understanding, dialogue and positive change”. The film shows one boy’s journey to manhood in a complex, emotionally driven story that explores the fascinating and unique question of what it means to be a modern man belonging to the oldest living culture on earth.

Zach’s Ceremony screened at both the Melbourne International Film Festival and the Sydney Film Festival in 2016 and won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at both festivals. It also gained support from AFL legend Adam Goodes who said: “This film has the power to change Australian society.” The film was also part of the inaugural Good Pitch² event in 2014.

When we first meet Zach he is a bright, friendly 10-year-old boy who loves his dad, Alec. Zach talks excitedly about his upcoming initiation ceremony, a cultural obligation for his tribe and a vital part of his indigenous heritage. Zach yearns to be seen as a man in the eyes of tribal society and, more importantly, his father.

Complications arise as Zach enters adolescence and the pressures of his life mount. Zach feels too white to be accepted by his family and friends and too black for his inner city peers. Combined with Alec’s well-intentioned but strict style of parenting, Zach snaps and starts to rebel. Against the backdrop of Indigenous oppression, Zach’s teenage experimentation and his violent reactions to racism leads the troubled youth to some dark places. Alec knows that without a true connection to his culture, Zach is lost. It’s time for Zach to answer the call of his Elders, to take part in the ancient rite of passage and walk in the footsteps of his ancestors.
Zach’s Ceremony will be released in cinemas by Umbrella Entertainment from 30 March.

Cinema Australia will be hosting the Perth premiere of Zach’s Ceremony at Event Cinemas Innaloo on Monday, 3rd April at 7.00pm. Tickets here.

For all other screening details click here.

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