Exclusive: Director Luke Creely discusses Juncture


Primitive Films to introduce short film Juncture in Melbourne on March 29

by Luke Creely

Primitive Films is the creative culmination and partnership between myself (Luke Creely) and co-founder Jack Coco. Neither of us went to film school. Based on our mutual adoration for and lifelong obsession with movies and the cinematic form, we established Primitive Films in 2014 with a view to make thought-provoking and challenging films which tell uniquely Australian stories. Our style is highly collaborative and is largely formulated around improvisation with a strong emphasis on verisimilitude and natural understated performances. Working predominantly within the horror genre, we make films which explore intricate, traumatised and emotionally conflicted characters. As filmmakers, we are fascinated by the complex psychology of human behaviour and interaction, as well as the compulsion of violence when employed (subconsciously) as a coping mechanism.

The films of Austrian director Michael Haneke (Cache and Funny Games, in particular) and other European filmmakers, especially Cristian Mungui (4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days), have, more than anything else, inspired and informed our own style and views on filmmaking. We are very passionate, too, about the history of Australian cinema and about the aesthetic representation of our distinctive and unique culture. Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek, as well as classic landscape features from the 1970s such as Wake In Fright, Walkabout and Sunday Too Far Away, among others, are major influences on our filmmaking sensibilities. Our vision is to blend the shooting techniques indicative of European cinema (long takes, minimal cutting, realism) with visual references and ‘nods’ to the recognised conventions (technical, narrative and character-based) of Australian cinema. It is in this spirit that our first film, Playground (a mid-length horror film starring Cris Cochrane and Rob Jackson), was developed and created in 2015. We are now excited to premiere our latest short film, Juncture, on March 29 in Melbourne.

Juncture is written and directed by myself and produced and edited by Jack. Filmed on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, it stars Rowan Howard and Kieran Cochrane in lead roles and features Paul Herbert, Emily Joy, Suzie Whyte and Cris Cochrane as the supporting cast. It tells the story of James and Danny Davey, a father and son who, in the wake of a significant traumatic event, struggle to come to terms with their grief, causing an emotional rift to develop between them. At night, Danny is haunted by a mysterious entity who is determined for vengeance. Juncture is a film about silences, non-verbal communication and body language; it is a film which explores suppressed emotion and the extent to which such emotion can, over time and if left untended, manifest and materialise in bizarre, unpredictable and often frightening behaviour.

The screening is taking place on Wednesday, March 29 at The Howler Bar in Brunswick, Melbourne and is supporting the premiere of independent feature film Butterfly In A Bell Jar by Melbourne-based filmmaker Matthew Berto. We are excited, too, about the prospect of having Juncture screen at film festivals throughout the year and about showcasing our style to festival goers and the broader film audience.

With a view to expand our team and improve on our craft with each film, Jack and I are always on the lookout for likeminded collaborators, production crew and actors. For more information about the making of Juncture and the history of Primitive Films, or if you want to get in contact with either of us, please visit our website. We have various projects in the development stage, including several feature film scripts, which we intend to get up and running throughout 2017.

For now, we hope you get the chance to catch Juncture at a festival or screening in the coming months and we look forward to hearing your feedback.


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