Revelation launch new short film competition

Revelation Perth International Film Festival is joining forces with the Department of Local Government and Communities and Screenwest to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions about ageing as part of a new short film competition, Life In Pictures.

With the endorsement of the World Health Organisation and the International Federation on Ageing as a way of challenging existing social norms and creating more prosperous, equitable and healthier societies, this competition will encourage positive conversations on ageing.

Seniors and Volunteering Minister Paul Miles said society often valued youth and beauty, while messages about ageing can focus on the negatives of getting older.

“Research shows that negative attitudes can often lead to social isolation and have significant impacts on seniors’ health and wellbeing,” Mr Miles said.

“People who view their own ageing negatively also tend to live on average 7.5 years less than people with positive attitudes.

“This competition will encourage everyone, the film makers and the viewers, to stop and think about how we view getting older. It will stimulate discussion about ageing in a positive way that values and shows respect for older people.”

Competition entries should highlight how older people contribute to WA’s communities, including their contribution to families, culture, the economy, volunteering and tourism.

Three categories will be open to Western Australian filmmakers with films up to two minutes in duration.

Revelation Festival Director Richard Sowada said Life In Pictures was perfect for what the festival stood for.

“Revelation’s mission statement is to ‘make a difference’, Richard said.

“This is a smart initiative and I can’t wait to hear the voices and stories.”

A total prize pool of $20,000 is available and includes the option to attend film industry events, short courses and training. All winning films will be screened at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival in July and via Revelation’s Rev on Demand platform.

The call for entries opens from 28 February and details can be accessed from


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