Trailer of the Day: Butterfly in a Bell Jar – Here’s where you can see it!


Butterfly in a Bell Jar

Written, Directed and Produced by Matthew Berto
Starring Sotiris Tzelios, Adam La Rosa, Katharine Innes, Stephen Kotsanlee, Amy Bodossian, Roger Crook and Jordannah Galea

River is a young girl kidnapped at the tender age of 12 and is locked away for the next 15 years in the shed of her neighbours house. Tormented mentally, physically and sexually, every day she loses the life in her eyes as she grows up in the arms of her abductor.

Pushed to her breaking-point, River decides enough is enough and resolves to take her life back.

Butterfly in a Bell Jar, the first feature length film by Matthew Berto will be screening at Howler on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 March. The film is a raw and contentious story not to be missed. Tickets are on sale now from

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