Trailer of the Day: Never Forget


Never Forget

Written, Produced and Directed by John Bling
Starring Van Nguyen, Ivan Bradara, Tam Dinh, Wesley Forke, Karla Hillam, Andrea McCannon, Andy McPhee and Ann Truong

Kim, a young Australian nurse, is about to start her new life with her boyfriend. In the middle of proposing to her, she gets the biggest news of her life; her father who she hasn’t seen since she left Vietnam has died. In order to make things right, she must travel back and say her goodbyes. Her family send an escort to bring her back to the village and she is not happy at all with this arrangement.

Where you can see it:
Never Forget is screening at Adelaide’s Mercury Cinema in Saturday, 11 February at 6pm. Details hereMore screenings to be announced.



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