Up, up and away! Australian superhero short takes flight – Watch it now


Prepare to meet your new favourite screwed-up superhero, The Dark Blackness.

The new comedy CAPES has been released on YouTube today, following its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival in October. The short film hails from a country not known for caped crusaders – Australia – and takes a typically Aussie, irreverent look at angsty comic book avengers.

CAPES is written & directed by Lucas Testro, director of the acclaimed time travel comedy short film I’m You, Dickhead. It stars Steven Gates from beloved Australian comedy group Tripod, along with Jack Beeby and Eve Morey, one of the stars of the Aussie soap opera phenomenon Neighbours.

In CAPES, the city’s self-appointed protector The Dark Blackness has a problem: he keeps getting his sidekicks killed. Finding himself fresh out of child wards, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

“I’ve always loved superheroes of all kinds, both serious and ridiculous”, says Lucas Testro. “But there’s a wonderful preposterousness about superheroes that I felt fit perfectly for an Australian approach. For me, that also played into the outsider nature of superheroes in a different way than is usually presented in films. I loved having a subtle, sad edge to the Dark Blackness running under the film’s comedy. He’s a character dear to my heart and I hope the world will love him too.”

CAPES is available now to view for free on YouTube.

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