Exclusive! New trailer drops for Can’t Win. Do Try.

by Matthew Eeles

Cinema Australia readers have been given an exclusive first look at JJ DeCeglie’s hilarious new Australian film, Can’t Win. Do Try.

The Perth-shot comedy is the second film for the eclectic filmmaker after his micro-budget debut, Jugular.

Influenced by his best mate Jez (Christopher Millington), Gordan (Harry Quinlan) convinces his rather bitchy finance, Kelly (Adriane Daff), to turn their recently purchased home into a bachelor pad for a year before they get hitched. Their new roommate, O’Hara (Matt Furlani) turns out to be a complete nutcase who upsets the balance of his new friend’s ordinary lives with hilarious and unfortunate consequences.

“It was originally going to be a pilot episode for a TV show and was written that way,” DeCeglie told Cinema Australia late last year ahead of the film’s world premiere at CinéfestOZ. “I saw the potential to blend some more complex elements into it if I kept writing past the thirty page mark, so I tried that and it came pretty quickly once I went for it.”

Can’t Win. Do Try. boasts an impressive cast of mostly first-time actors including Adriane Daff, Christopher Millington, Tanya Jade, Matt Furlani, Fiannah de Rue, Chris Reid, Harry Quinlan, Cj Hampson, Chelsea Gibson and Aimee Nicholls.

There’s a great chemistry between the cast which comes through in their on-sreen performances.

“The actors from Melbourne were sleeping at the house which we used as the main set, I lived five minutes away in one direction and our Producer, Simon Camp, lived about two minutes in the other, so sometimes it was kinda like camp,” DeCeglie said about the bond between the cast and crew. “You’d arrive in the morning and actors would be eating breakfast and wandering around the house. Then after the day’s shoot people would hang around and have a drink and talk about the day.”

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

Can’t Win. Do Try. will be released later in the year. You can follow the film on Facebook.



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