First Look! Director Joseph Russell reveals new images for Silent Man


by Matthew Eeles

Cinema Australia readers have been given an early look at Joseph Russell’s neo-noir science fiction thriller, Silent Man which recently wrapped filming for the year.

Filming on Silent Man will recommence in late February or early March next year. “The hiatus is due to prior cast and crew commitments in January,” director Russell told Cinema Australia. “This year we managed to finish all of the interior shots while next year sees us doing a lot more outdoors, on-location filming.”

Silent Man follows the journey of an escaped asylum seeker turned vigilante on a mission to find his daughter after she disappears from an immigration detention centre.
“I am particularly looking forward to shooting the beach scenes,” Russell said. “Our protagonist is an asylum seeker who arrived by boat, so his return to the sea is particularly significant and these are also the most action-packed scenes in the film.”
Performances by lead cast George Iskander, Clare Pickering, Mick Shanahan and Tim Constantine have been world class according to the film’s director. “They’ve all brought life to the characters I wrote. Each of these remarkable actors have put everything into making their characters truly unique and memorable and I look forward to working with them and the rest of the cast next year.”
Silent Man is a proof of concept for a feature film, which hopes to start more conversations with increased distribution opportunities both here in Australia and overseas.
Silent Man is eyeing a mid-2017 release. A crowdfunding campaign is still open for the film. You can find details here.
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