Have you seen new Perth sketch show, YEAH NAH?


Jarred White and Luke Morgan from YEAH NAH.

YEAH NAH is a new online show, punching out comedy sketches produced by JAZAM Films, starring Luke Morgan and Jarrod White with more cast members to be introduced soon.

With two official sketches up on the YEAH NAH Facebook page, the show has been received well and is building a solid fan base with over 9,100 views so far on the first video What are you Wearing?, over 4600 views on the second video Luke’s Magic Trick (which was released only 40 hours ago) and over 700 likes on the page in the first two weeks.

“Our sketches are made to look like they’ve been made in someone’s backyard,” said YEAH NAH director, Samuel J. Harford. “They’re not supposed to have the best production value however with a decent sound mix, subtle colour grade and the occasional special effect, the show certainly has something to offer fans. It’s all about the comedy and having fun playing different versions of yourself”

You can keep up to date with the team’s latest sketches here.


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